Monday, May 30, 2011

A quick before and after

Please excuse the bad photography. The lighting in our house is a joke, especially in the kitchen. While that remedy is on my To Do list, I'd like to show what we most recently accomplished in our food prep room.

The curtains gracing the kitchen windows came with the house when we bought it…fifteen years ago. They were obviously custom made, a nice linen, and Dry Clean Only.

But, um, we're not a Dry Clean Only kind of people around here.

Over the years, then, the curtains got dirty dirty dirty dirty.

Kitchen Sink Window before

To replace the curtains, we opted for bamboo Roman shades. Since the multitude of kitchen cabinets are a pickled YELLOW and the new flooring waiting to be installed is a dark wood color, the bamboo shades are a deep brown as well. (Remember, the lighting in this kitchen will not always be so insipid.)

Kitchen Sink Window after

We found these blinds at at a most excellent price. They were way too long, but the tutorial on Landsdowne Life helped us fix that in a hurry. Now they are a perfect fit.

As for the old curtains, I saved the fabric and donated the drapery hardware to Goodwill. We'll see what use I can find for the linen...


  1. Great new look! Can't wait to see the rest of your kitchen! :)

    Have a wonderful week, Jen!

  2. Your shades look great! Thanks for linking back to my tutorial. Glad you found it helpful!



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