Friday, March 7, 2008

Lizard Ridge Video Tutorials

Italics indicates edited content from the original post.

In an effort to learn how to make "talkie" videos with my various whiz-bang electronics, I've created a couple of tutorial videos for the Lizard Ridge Afghan blocks.

I obviously have much to learn. The quality is not top-notch.

Pop some corn, turn off your cell phones, and enjoy the shows.

The first video goes over how to create the short row "bubbles" that make up the overall, undulating pattern.

The second video shows how to pick up the wrap-and-turns on both the purl and knit sides.

This video was removed because, as a thoughtful reader pointed out, there is a better way to pick up wraps when you're on the purl side. AND there's a video on it. Go to under Advanced Knitting Techniques and watch the Short Row with Wrap video. She's knitting continental style, like I do.

One tip I can give without the time of creating a video is that when you are purling back just after finishing a "bubble," you're going to pick up wraps on stitch five, six and seven. I finally got wise and now expect to see the wraps there.

And, no, the dark line that runs across the table is not the same thing as the dark line that runs down the wall in the background. That's an electrical cord in the background. Just thought I'd mention it since it struck me as looking a little strange this morning in my bleary-eyed state.


  1. I was frustrated with picking up the purl wrap also. Talked to Shelly at Twists. She searched and searched. Finally she found it..
    When you get to the wrapped knit you do it from the front. Purls should be picked up from the back. I am not using wool so my stitches really show. Now they are smooth.
    You also move the stitches around more than I do. Would love to meet up with you at Twist to compare!
    Good job on the video for your first attempt. Little fuzzy, but sure you will get that figured out!

  2. Very nice link. I had not seen that on before.
    Thanks for the link!!
    Many a people must have been asking with the Lizzard Ridge afghan.
    Thanks for checking into it!



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