Sunday, March 9, 2008

Felted Tray Slippers

You know you could be a redneck if...

you knit accessories for your TV tray.

Tray Slippers Felted

But, really, these tray slippers are for my oak floor--a floor that's original to the house, circa 1940, and was uncovered and discovered to be in near-perfect condition by yours truly and THOMY just last year. So, my dear Table Mate tray, you have scratched your last initial into such a glorious preservation. Ha!

I bought the Trendsetter Granito yarn for a deep discount at my LYS, thank you very much, Shelly. This set of tray slippers took only 2.15 balls of the nine I purchased.

Other stats about the Felted Tray Slippers:

  • I used US size 9 double pointed needles.
  • I cast on 24 stitches, though I think now that this was too many. I might have done better at 20 or 22 stitches since the circumference of the tubes didn't shrink as much as I wanted.
  • I knit in the round for 22".
  • I felted them in the washer for 24 minutes.

Here is the before felting photo:

Tray Slippers Pre-felted

The dingy, mummy wrappings you see on the tray's legs in this before shot is the cloth tape I wrapped around it as a first measure of scuff-prevention. The tape underneath just wore away back down to the metal. I'm thinking this bulky weight yarn, felted down several inches, is thick enough to take a good, long while to wear through. If ever. The remaining tape that is now inside the "slippers" provides enough friction to keep the tubes from slipping off. No pun intended. Well, okay, it was.

Now, please excuse me. I'm off to knit myself some yard art...

What? You've never seen these?

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