Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tunisian Pax Scarf

I've made a rip-roaring start to this Deep Stash Marathon thing.  It's been fourteen weeks since my last post, the one announcing my marathon aspirations, and I have used up not quite a quarter of a mile of yarn.

Yep.  A .21 mile stretch or 377 yards.  Just call me The Flash.

Yet the project which used such a staggering amount didn't disappoint me, in the end.  Along the way, I met with a setback when I ran out of the deep stash yarn I'd begun with.  The completed Pax Scarf projects in Ravelry mostly indicated I'd have enough yarn in one Ella Rae Lace Merino hank to finish it.  Uh, no.

Not enough Ella Rae

What you're looking at in the photo is the main body of the scarf completed and most of the lace border at the point where I discovered I had about a foot of yarn left in my project bag.  And this scarf was a class I was taking.  Days of work went into the border, and only a few days remained until the next class session for which I was supposed to have the border done.

You know, eventually after shock comes the anger stage, yet I had to speed up the process and skip right to the grumbling since I had so little time to figure out what I was going to do.

I knew I would have to rip out the border, no matter what.  So, I took a breath and did that deed.  Then I went searching for replacement yarn.  Naturally, I didn't have the right color in the right weight already in my stash.  When I scoured the fingering weight section at my local yarn shop, however, I had another moment of shock.  In a good way this time.  Because there, with a multitude of hanks in a glass cubbie, sat a dead ringer for the blue shade that's in the Elle Rae.  I sang hallelujah (yeah, you know, I probably did).


It is Araucania Nuble. I snagged a hank of it and started off again.  Once the border was done, I edged the scarf in the Ella Rae, blocked it, and voila!

Pax Scarf

I think it looks better with the blue Araucania as the lace border than it did with the Ella Rae as the whole thing.

Oh, and I'd like to place a wee review in here about the new blocking wires by Lazadas I used on this project.  They are F l E x I b L e--twisty, curvy, bendy, and they didn't get stuck in those shapes once I was done with them.  The Pax Scarf is actually the second project I blocked with them, and I am a fan.

Pax blocking

Pax blocking close up

I bought the set of three 70"-long and four 35"-long wires, the "Mixed Set."  The set comes with a packet of 30 T-pins.  Oh, and I'm not getting a single perk from plugging these wires, just so you know.  I bought the set outright on Amazon.

I've already started the next project with deep stash yarn.  Hopefully, this one will dispense with way more yardage.  In the meantime, an artsy, parting photograph...

Pax b&w

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Deep Stash Marathons

We're approaching the third week of the new year, so my resolution is right on time. And with a new year comes a new Deep Stash challenge.  Why?  Because that yarn isn't going away by itself.  Another Deep Stash 9 challenge won't cut it, however.  DS9 eliminated a mere 5,178 yards out of the more than 33K of what I considered deep stash last year (yarn acquired during 2008 and earlier).  In addtion to what was left over from DS9, I am increasing Deep Stash to include 2009 and 2010 yarn.  My philosophy is that any yarn five years or older in my stash is mature enough to be out on its own in the world, being worn or admired or clogging up someone else's stash.  With the inclusion of those years, however, the total yardage of my Deep Stash has swollen into something horrendously huge.

That is, marathon huge.

Okay. two marathons huge.

Yes, Deep Stash has enough yardage now to cover the length of two marathons--92,290 yards.  Apparently, I went bat guano crazy in 2009 and 2010 and thought I had to insulate my entire house with nothing but yarn, thereby almost tripling my yarn stash at the time.  (I have not literally stuffed the walls with yarn, of course.  It's harder to get to that way.)

So, here's the plan:  I am focusing my efforts on Deep Stash, and I am going to see how long it takes me to work my way through 46,145 yards of yarn, one marathon's worth.  I know, I know.  I have at least two marathon's worth.  For that second amount, then, I'm going to see whether I can give away, sell, and/or toss an additional 46,145 yards.

Gah!  The very idea sends my electrolytes plummeting!

I might not be able to do the concurrent marathon; I might be too yarn flabby or hooked on it or whichever pathology the DSM-V might pin on me.  But I think I must try.  Both challenges will make my basement craft grotto look so much bigger.

A few guidelines and allowances:

  • The focus is on Deep Stash, but I may work with newer yarn from time to time, either from newer stash or brand, spanking-new yarn.  I would like to keep DS work to three out of four projects, though.

  • I may buy new yarn without a project in mind.  However, I want to finish the race(s) with more yards eliminated from the stash than what I take in.  My ultimate goal from June 2013 hasn't changed; I want to fit all my stash in my dad's old bureau.

  • A bad picture of my dad's old bureau.

    There you have it.  This isn't a resolution that can be contained to 2015.  More than likely it will extend into the next three or four years.  After doing a lot of math for this post, I discovered the most I've knit in one year is 12,072 yards.  Now that I'm not employed at a yarn store, I can knit my own yarn more often, yet I'm not as motivated to finish projects quickly by shop sample deadlines.  I'll have to figure out how to "pace myself," I guess.  I will endeavor to keep the blog up to date with my progress...for myself and for the sake of my throngs of readers.

    Deep Stash Marathon Ticker


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