Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lightening the load

I began this blog as a digital version of show-n-tell, in the spirit of those structured fun times during elementary school when all the classroom kids gathered together and shared something cool, weird, or otherwise meaningful to the one standing in front of the others.  Everyone took their turn.  On a blog, it's always the blogger's turn; it's just that the cool, weird, or special things being shared wait around on the blog until someone discovers them.

On Scrapdash, I lumped all the parts of my life I wanted to share because it was a convenient place.  I'm most interested in cooking and a couple forms of crafts (sewing and knitting), but one or two, more in-depth monologs have found themselves here as well.  The last few years have been about thinning down The Stuff.  Yarn, mostly, and that effort will continue because there are miles to go yet.  Yeah.  Literally, I guess, measured in marathons.

Along the way, my interests divided from the one path into two by, oddly enough, my sewing and knitting combining into the creation of project bags I have sold to local knitters and crocheters for about five years now. Because I sold them locally and not also online, I never got around to talking about them here on the blog.  While the paths had divided into personal and professional, they ran parallel and close together.

Now, however, I'm working my way toward selling my wares on the interwebs.  It's a slowish process for me because I do everything like I'm wearing velcro shoes on AstroTurf, but it's forward motion nonetheless.  As a result, I am moving my future knitting-related and probably sewing/quilting-related chitchat onto my business' blog Jennamay made.  For anything else I might have to say, I will keep it under the Scrapdash header, but I'm posting all that wisdom and know-how to a new Scrapdash address.  Both blogs are on Wordpress, a place I'm hoping will help me streamline how I have to say what I say.

I have no plans to take down the content here on the original Scrapdash blog.  Only the new stuff will appear at the new places.  On Jennamay made, I'm revealing the yarn I'm giving up to make up for the Deep Stash Half Marathon's yardage deficit.  I'm also starting the new Stash Marathon there.  Disasters in the kitchen that manage to be tasty anyhow will show up in the new Scrapdash site.  I may post more reflective stuff there, too, including book reviews (because I can't get away from grade school exercises, apparently).

I'm also not migrating the followers list and email notifications list from here.  I don't know if that's possible, anyway, so this is an opportunity for current followers to lighten their loads if they decide not to opt-in to notifications on the new sites.  You're welcome.  Whether or not you follow me to the new blogs, thank you for being curious about my shenanigans this far.  In all the antics on the internet, I'm grateful you have stopped by to turn an eye toward mine.

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