Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spiders on Bricks

The next panel on my sampler scarf came from a needle-knit sweater pattern by Vermont Fiber Designs. It features the Brick Stitch. Without divulging the entire pattern for the sweater--most of which I don't understand, anyway, because I've never knitted a sweater before--I managed to pull together an instruction sheet for how to repeat the Brick Stitch on a knitting rake. It's for a flat panel; I haven't tried the stitch in the round on a loom.

And I have to apologize. The picture in the Brick Stitch .pdf file looks fine on the screen; but try to print it, and it's a big block of black on my laser printer. Or not quite defined enough on my ink jet. If you get the same results, I am sorry. I'm wondering if the red yarn is to blame. Because it couldn't be me.

Next I tried Isela's loom knit version of the Maripostas or Little Butterflies Stitch. The one thing this stitch has in common with the Brick stitch is that you have to occasionally remove loops from pegs to make the working yarn run in front of the fabric. (Of course, once you remove the loops and run the yarn between the fabric and peg, you put them back.)
My version of the Little Butterflies looks more like Big Spiders to me. Kinda jarring. And while nearly every panel on my scarf is 30 rows in length, this panel appears to be the shortest one. The most condensed. I haven't measured the gauge yet, though.
I'm two or three panels away from completing my sampler scarf. Only because the scarf is nearly as tall as I am, not because I've run out of stitches to try. Goodness me, no.

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