Monday, January 8, 2007


I love Freecycle.

Around here, though, it's called Hand2Hand. And Saturday I was handed for FREE two bulging grocery bags (plastic, not paper) of yarn yarn YARN. Almost entirely acrylic yarn, by the looks of it, and mostly 4-ply ww. But there're a few balls of sport weight and fingering. I fingered it all. Mmmmm.

Now to figure out how much of each ball I have. I found a yarn guide at Trembling Prairie that should help me calculate yardage based on ball weight and how many wraps per inch each yarn yields.

Oh, and scattered throughout one bag were 77 granny squares of different colors and sizes. The most common size was about 3 inches, I think. I've never used granny squares before, so I don't know what to do with them. I don't know if I have enough to make anything significant. Any advice?


  1. Yup - that's a bonafide boatload of yarn you've got there. Thanks for keeping it out of the landfills!
    As to what to do with it, can you do a simple crochet stitch? If Not, I;d say use black yarn and a tapestry needle to whip stitch the blocks together. If it's ugly -- send it to your local Vet's office or the dog pound. Heck, someone is bound to see/love/want it. :)

  2. You could connect the granny squares together to make a cool scarf...
    there are some online video tutorials on how to easily crochet!

  3. Jenn you can whipstitch those granny squares together into a lap rug or
    sp,ething like that and as mentioned give it away. Do you have a homeless shelter or a nursing home even that it can go to? People in nursing homes love bright colors and are most appreciative of something handmade.



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