Sunday, May 20, 2007


Cotton Candy Sue is now off the UFO list. It's been awhile since I blogged anything because
1. I've been working on this quilt.
2. I took a way-cool Hoochie Mama Quilts workshop. (photos forthcoming)
3. Our sewer line took in tree roots as house guests for the week, so it got ALL backed up in the basement. Bleeeeegggghhhh.

We were host to three sets of plumbers during the week who were trying to figure out why their spinning, snaking claws couldn't tear through a hard spot in the sewer line. Come to find out the claws were hitting projecting tile from a joint that's out of place in the tile pipe. Yeah, my joints, too. I feel for you, babe.

So now we get to cast around for bids to replace the sewer line. And dig up all the clover we've so carefully cultivated in our backyard. Was it just last September that we replaced all our water supply lines, all the way from the meter and throughout the house? I guess so. So I also guess the expiration date for this house's plumbing is 66 years all the way around.
It's like we've begun to build a new house without the benefit of that new house smell. It's another smell...

Hopefully, these shots from the finished quilt have offset the distastefulness of the majority of this entry. One thing I want to make note of, though, about this quilt is how I did the binding. It's a self-binding job, with the backing fabric wrapped around the front. When I looked up how to do this exactly--it's been awhile--the instructions pointed out that wraparound binding is inferior since it is single-ply on the edge of the quilt.

But I managed to make the fabric double thickness, thankfully. I took a bunch of pictures of the process, so that's another topic I plan on posting here. Later.

Meanwhile, does anyone know how to dissipate that "not so fresh" feeling that's clinging to the air in my house? I suspect eau de bleach might help douse it. I've already mopped the basement floor three times. I figure a half dozen more will help erase the creepiness the floor gives me when I walk on it.


  1. The quilt is absolutely darling! I love it! Just pack it up and send it my way :). It is beautiful!

    Hope you find a solution for the smell :)

  2. I love this quilt. It reminds me of Holly Hobby. I loved her when I was a little girl.

    Great job!

    Dora Renee' Wilkerson

  3. My friend Tonie sent me your link to see the Sun Bonnet Sue - what a lovely and innovative setting. A very, very pretty Sue quilt!
    Ruth from Las Vegas

  4. My friend Tonie sent me your link to see the Sun Bonnet Sue - what a lovely and innovative setting. A very, very pretty Sue quilt!
    Ruth from Las Vegas

  5. This is the most beautiful Sunbonnet Sue Quilt I have ever seen!!We have a Sunbonnet Sue friendship group and I'm going to show them how gorgeous this is. Awesome job.
    Jane Martyn, Texas (stashbuster member)

  6. Love your quilt, its gorgeous! As for the basement floor... try dousing it with a gallon or two of white vinegar! Amazing what all white vinegar will do. Hmmm lets see... its great on your hair, it kills pet odors, when mixed with salt it cleans copper, spices food, speeds healing, removes tartar, and lots of other good stuff I cant think of right now. Oh and did I say its really cheap?! ;o) Lovin' your quilt in Florida!

  7. Really like the way you've done the setting on this quilt. It has made a real feature of a small number of Sue blocks. Congrats on the finish :)

  8. I love that quilt! I am in the process of putting together my first quilt--the binding part is going to be the make or break part! I love the colors you used--did you get them in Wichita?

  9. Have never been a big SBS fan until I saw this quilt....I absolutely love ! You did a fantastic job and love how it ties 3 generations togther...


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