Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm in the Top 3,000,000!

Don't I feel special?

According to Technorati, Scrapdash is ranked 2,178,037 among all the blogs it keeps track of. There could be millions more than 2,178,037 which haven't risen to my level yet. Or, there could be 2,178,038. Or maybe I'm at the very bottom. Maybe I'm talking to myself right this very moment.

But no. At least two other bloggers have mentioned the Scrapdash name in their musings. Technorati says so. I'm gratified that a few curious passersby have stopped to listen to this odd lady mumbling to herself. I'm harmless enough, right? I don't bite.


Come and take a look at my Technorati Profile. (I have to put this link up here so the Technorati spider can crawl all over it, wrap it in silk and take it back home.)

Next up: an applique pattern from the Cotton Candy Sue quilt. Yes, that means I'll post at least one more picture of the pastel, goody-goody Sues.

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