Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look! Sunshine.

And blue-striped crockery. I go into a quilt store for the first time in weeks, and I come out with handled bowls and a squat pitcher to match. Not exactly pettable yard goods, but I love this stuff. And I need know, kinda like another broken arm. Nevertheless, I made room for them in the cupboard.

Speaking of my new glow-in-the-dark cast, I have quilting progress to report. Finally. Now, I haven't figured out how to hand quilt with this thing on, but my bed-sized LumberJack Butterflies top is being machine basted this week. So, when my final cast comes off in a few weeks hence, I can get to quilting it. (Photos to come soon after, I assure you.)

And I am "this close" to finishing the Reading Kimono. The placket is knitted, it's ends are woven in, so it just needs sewing on. Then the sweater's ends need woven in, and it'll be DONE!

Oh, by the way, I found an illustratively cool tutorial on how to weave in ends as you needle knit. She shows the process that works for English Method knitting. Since I use Continental Style (yarn in my left hand), I ended up reversing how she held her yarns to make it work for me. I took pictures, but they're still raw. I'll post them, cleaned up, sometime soon.

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