Friday, October 5, 2007

More Retreat Goodies

I am slowly finding places for all the gifts that were given at last weekend's retreat. The following Velcroed pouch is intended for one's rotary cutter or glasses.

But I discovered a third use.

The huge Symphony bar each of us received fits inside quite nicely, too. Chocolate is just another tool in my sewing room, after all; it ought to have its own case...for as long as that chocolate will last, anyway.

We also were given a large (14-inch by 14-inch) board with which you can transfer block pieces from the design wall to the sewing machine without messing up their order. The board is simply a layer of thin batting spray-glued to a cardboard square. When I got home, I added the grommett so I could hang it up when I'm not using it.

By the way, the Rail Fence block pieces are leftovers from a twin-sized quilt my mom made around the time I was born (note the groovy 60s/70s floral). I spent many a night under that quilt--and several days, too, when I was sick in bed. That quilt staved off my boredom when I felt too gross to do anything else but stare at it. I still have that quilt, and it is the reason why I began quilting. It is the reason why I like scrap quilts more than any other kind. The different fabrics make warm puzzles and are comforting with their silent, individual histories pieced together, unified into something with a single purpose. I know, I'm sounding sentimental and very nearly icky. I'm sure I'll get over it. But every once in a while I make allowances.


  1. great quilting and knitting! I am a beginner knitter as well....only ever been able to make scarves before. I am working on my first pair of socks, and becoming addicted!

  2. That board is a great idea. I use my 12 in square cutting template but it isnt quite big enough. I may have to make myself one of these!



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