Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which Thousand

My life has been dishes, dust rags, and dirty clothes this week. And company, containers (bags, boxes, and bottles), and custard.

Raspberry Custard Tart

As a result, I haven't knit or sewn much of anything. I did start a book, against all vows to the contrary. The Historian is a steady read so far, but I'm not helplessly turning pages. I'll give Vlad a chance, though, and keep plugging along.

In lieu of actually writing, I'm going to let other people's pictures speak for me. (Am not even using my own images here.) Feel free to choose which thousand words go with which favorite thing. I've gotta go throw some whites into the washer.

Favorite Things 2008 May

1. needle hedgehog, 2. "Sauron's Eye", 3. Tails up!, 4. Giant Fern, 5. Denim Fan Skirt, back, 6. Every time I take a shot looking up into the trees, this is what I hope to capture., 7. My Last Wildflower Bouquet of 2007, 8. Into the garden, 9. HalfOpenBag


  1. Your tart looks beautiful, whatever you think about the consistency of the raspberry part. Did it taste as good as the picture looks?

  2. Yes, it was. Though I think it needed dark chocolate shavings to offset the sweetness. It was very sweet.

    All things are better with chocolate, methinks.

  3. I read The Historian. The language was a little much at times and it strayed from the plot, but I had to keep reading so that says something. I liked the premise.



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