Sunday, July 27, 2008

July's Final Friday

Good Color Good Texture

My foodie photo shown--h-hmm--at The Museum of Modern Art. Your photos can be featured there, too.

The final Friday of each month, in my city's downtown area, is a progressive dinner of art. One can be shuttled (for free) from gallery to gallery via our town's fleet of adorable trolley buses until one's eyeball's a completely full of artistic endeavor. I have a friend who makes the circuit almost every month. I had never gone until this week.

And, of course, it rained. I think that's because I wore my Lightning Lace Jacket. The irony was irresistible to the clouds.

I didn't mind, though, because that day had been a particularly good one. Here's why:

  • It was my wedding's 160th mensaversary. (THOMY keeps count because he's a math guy.)
  • It was my half birthday. (I still keep count cuz any moment for celebration is welcome.)
  • I had finished blocking my Lizard Ridge squares.
  • I had finished the Almost Amish quilt top.

And last, but not least...


We signed the papers Friday evening. When there's an actual sign in the yard and a 360 house tour online, I'll post those tastey tidbits here. Until then, WHEW!

And now for a few pictures.

Lizard Ridge Blocks DONE
Pre-blocks Lizard Ridge squares curling themselves into little burritos.

Almost Amish Top
Almost Amish quilt top done.

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  1. Hey, you and Lisa need to tell me about that when it comes around again. I think I would like to do the Trolley/Art thing!



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