Friday, August 1, 2008

Bottoms Up Bottle Cozy

What do you give a sweaty water bottle on a hot summer day?

A sweater, of course.

Bottoms Up Bottle Cozy

One made of wool is even better. I take my Tazo Zen iced tea with me to my favorite yarn store when I'm going to camp out there for an afternoon. As I gab and stitch and sip and stitch, my bottle sweats. It doesn't prduce a water ring; it leaves a puddle in its rubber coaster. I was so embarrassed for the little thing that I simply had to cover its nakedness. Wool can absorb condensation off the bottle without becoming soaked—unless of course your bottle perspires like a couch potato in a Tae Bo class. Mine may do just that. But, hopefully, the only thing cascading down this bottle cozy anymore will be it's split cables.

I've provided a link to the pattern--free--in the right hand column, under Needle Knitting How To's. Let me know of any miscalculations or typos. Enjoy!

Bottoms Up Bottle Cozy

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  1. Jen, WOW! That turned out great. Thanks for the pattern!!!




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