Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I made this

Remember I said I have the patience of a five year old? Well, maybe I've matured recently. Maybe now I'm ten.

Stitch Markers

I finally sent one of my two Pay It Forward gifts. For the knitter, no-snag stitch markers. Pictured are two of the six markers I made.

PIF stitch markers for Denise

And then thank-you markers for my Fire on the Waves test knitters.

Water drop stitch markers

Hopefully, all recipients have received their packages in the mail, so it's safe to unveil these now.


More recently, six sets of A2 notecards and one set of mini notecards have found their way into my Etsy shop. Below are four of the six. I got to fold, glue, stamp, and use tools that heat up. Oo-RA.

October notecards

Reclaiming Yarn

Instead of creating something here, I deconstructed it. What was once a thrift store wool sweater...

First Reclaimed Yarn Sweater

is now over 1700 yards of lace weight wool in my stash...

Reclaimed Wool 080929

wound around the PVC niddy noddy THOMY made for me.

PVC Niddy Noddy

Yes, here is something I didn't make. THOMY also made the niddy noddy able to fold flat so I can store it. And I'm sorry I didn't take a picture with the yarn on it so you can see how it works, in case you're going "What the-- is a 'niddy noddy'?". Here's a video of one Goody Colonial Housewife using the device. (Hers isn't made of PVC.)

Annnnd that's what I've been doing since I finished the blanket. It's all helping me ignore the mud slinging we call our Presidential Campaign.

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  1. b should start and etsy shop and sell niddy noddies.

    that wool looks gorgeous. how cool is that?!?!

    i heart repurposing. you inspire me.



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