Friday, March 13, 2009

What's done is done

I've finished a few items in the near month since I last posted.

The Felted Windmill Bag

Windmill Bag after

More or less, a failure. It's only a bag because I hammered a few jeans snaps up the sides. Otherwise it's an arm sling for the Jolly Green Giant. My wayward moment with this project was knitting each panel too widely, 40 stitches wide I think. I didn't have enough yarn to make each panel twice a long, so the felting produced this...thing.

Waterfall Throw

Waterfall Blanket

A much better result, even though I drifted from the instructions on this one, too. The pattern by Lion Brand yarn calls for a GIANT size US 35 set of needles and to double-strand the Homespun yarn. I tried it but I value the few strand of coherency I have left to me in my middle age. So I went down to a size US 17 set with very pointy tips, used a single strand of yarn, and cast on about twice as many stitches. With this yarn, needles with very pointy tips is key. They keep down the blood pressure. This is a thank-you gift for someone who helped tremendously with the work on my dad's house.

I have a few more items to show, but not enough time to write about them just now. They'll give me the incentive to update this here blog more often!

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