Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My, how her garden grows

It's been awhile since I posted, and the garden has been busy.

090810 Garden Pad

The plants outgrew their milk jugs, thankfully. Stuffed into the planting box we have miniature bell peppers...

090810 Mini Bell Peppers

...some are turning yellow.

090810 Mini Bell Peppers 2

Yellow is the theme for the garden this year, I guess, because we chose to grow Golden Nugget cherry tomatoes and lemon basil. The lemon basil is trying to flower in the left of the photo below (and it's not yellow, it's just REAL lemony).

090810 Cherry Tomatoes

And this is what all the waiting is for:


More orange than golden, don't you think?

There's a larger tomato variety growing in the box, too...Stiletz is the name, I believe. They are still green, and there are a modest amount, of which I'll take snaps later (I know, I know, you're palpitating with anticipation!). A fungus of some sort attacked our larger tomato plants, and their production is much slimmer. Overall, though, it's not so bad for a first time garden.


  1. Thanks! Please make note: Kim made the bowl in which the bowl of cherry tomatoes sit. (The bowl was one of her rejects, can you believe?)

  2. My subject-verb and prepositional phrasing has tanked this morning, dear readers. My apologies for the crappy English in the last comment.



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