Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The last blanket of 2009 was Sprigs.

Sprigs Blanket 4

And now it is a free, frankenblanket pattern for you for the new year. Frankenblanket, because I patched together two existing stitch patterns; I give credit where it's due at the end of the pattern. Also, thank you to my friend Initsox2 for the Mary Shelley allusion.

PDF link to Sprigs.

Sprigs Blanket 2

The blanket is for friends of my dad who helped us sort through his estate. I originally dubbed it Mud Lace Afghan for its color; I was trying to masculinize (a real word?) the lace and ruffles. But maybe it just looks like I'd dragged it through a puddle.

No matter what it looks like, this blanket is heavy, squishy, and warm. Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick 'n Quick, baby!

Mud Lace Afghan

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! The yarn is perfect for this pattern! Beautiful job!



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