Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Behold, my first entry into the Bloggers Quilt Festival, a wee online quilt show organized by Amy of Amy's Creative Side.  Thank you for the opportunity, Amy.

Lumberjack Butterflies mini 1

Lumberjack Butterflies II
Approx. 30" x 30"
finished June 2001

The lighting isn't so great in the photo because I took the picture where the quilt hangs, in my entryway.  I was on a kick awhile back of making miniatures of bed sized quilts I'd designed…but had not completed because they are, well, bed sized.  I hand quilt, as you can see in the photo below.  Hand quilting a miniature is much quicker than tackling its full-sized counterpart.

Lumberjack Butterflies mini 4

Each butterfly sports a plaid fabric from my stash…or, more likely, from my scrap pile.  I think every doodle pad flower on the quilt has a plaid, as well.  These are manly butterflies, you see.  Don't mess with 'em cuz they can take you out.

Lumberjack Butterflies mini 2

What I Learned in This Quilt
  • I think this is the first time I used a pieced background for applique.
  • I designed the butterfly pattern based on an illustration in a butterfly book I happened to have.  In the bed-sized version, the butterflies were taken from someone else's quilt pattern in a magazine.  So, designing my own butterflies makes the quilt feel more like it is mine.
  • I gave myself permission to use doodles in a quilt.
  • I'm pretty sure I used my Electric Quilt software to draw the curves in the sashing quilting and the quilted bunting along the outside borders.

Lumberjack Butterflies mini 3

Thank you!  Please enjoy perusing the other blogs on the Quilt Festival list.  Just click on the logo at the beginning of the post to find them.


  1. gorgeous!


  2. Thank you for this amazing treat! I love the applique, your hand-quilting and most of all that it is a mini!
    greetings from faraway Cyprus,

  3. Very pretty! I've always loved homespun plaids. You did a great job incorporating them in this quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I love it and your hand quilting is beautiful!

  5. I love your mini quilt and quilting, it is wonderful! Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comments.

  6. I loved this quilt and quilting is magnificent

  7. Wonderful butterfly quilt! Love the quilting!

  8. Love the plaids. So different than the usual prints one would find for wimpy butterflies.

  9. this is beautiful! your hand quilting is amazing!

  10. I could easily find a spot for this quilt in my house. So beautiful

  11. I adore your miniature quilt and it is beautifully quilted. Love the macho butterflies too!!

  12. This is a beautiful quilt, Jen. I love the plaids, the butterflies, the setting and the hand quilting!! Well done!!

  13. Awesome! Love the plaid butterflies, and your quilting is beautiful.

  14. That's a neat idea, making the miniature,......I'm afraid I'd never finish the big one once I had the little one to please me daily !

    Very pretty and intricate with detail.

  15. What a charming quilt, the pieced background is effective and I love all the great plaids. Much stronger than the usual 30's colors and fabrics you see in butterfly blocks. Beautiful quilting.
    Come see my antique quilt entries:

  16. those butterflies are buff!! but also beautiful==maybe handsome is better? your quilting is exquisite! thanks so much for sharing. come visit my blog and see my little giveaway:



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