Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day and lessons learned from a bulbous-bottomed bag

A bag I began knitting in February, my Lucy Bag, is done. The bag isn't difficult, but I was disappointed in my little experiment and didn't want to face my deformed creation. A Lucy bag is supposed to look like one of these. Instead, I ended up with this:

Lucy Bag

I knitted a stranded colorwork basket weave in the middle. I had not tried colowork like that before so I didn't know that I would knit it more tightly, apparently, than the rest of my plain stockinette gauge. As a result, the design shrank into a green girdle when I felted the bag. Closer look?

Lucy Bag closeup

It looks like a gourd, no? Well, I was bummed, though not surprised that my full-speed-ahead approach didn't produce something staggeringly beautiful. I sent it to time out for many a moon, but assured it that I wasn't going to let it languish; I bought lining fabric, something slippery since I promised I would use the bag for projects and I don't want the yarn of future shawls and scarves to stick in the bag's gullet.

Lucy Bag liningLucy Bag lining closeup

So, the lessons learned:
  • Use larger needles when switching to colorwork from stockinette, and
  • Trim fingernails before working with slippery fabric. Snag snag snag.

By the way, the button? A ceramic find at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Its colors match much better in person than in photography.

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  1. Oh! but that basket weave pattern is SOOO cool. Just love it!

  2. The fact that you can knit in two colors and make a design is impressive enough for me! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)



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