Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lastfruits 2010

Last Fruits of 2010

Last weekend, just a few days before the temperatures fell to freezing overnight, we cleaned out our garden. As I'd mentioned in a previous post, we planted our tomatoes late this year. Coupled with the scorching heat that roared from April to September, our late vines didn't produce much until after August. That meant I gathered a LOT of green tomatoes before we tore out the plants.

I set the tomatoes in brown paper bags and included a small bunch of green bananas. All of the large tomatoes are now ripe as well as several of the small ones.  The photo above is a sampling of them.

Black Seaman Tomato

The dark red ones with green tops are Black Seaman Tomatoes, a Russian heirloom variety. They grow well in containers but the vines do need some taming so they don't sprawl all over the ground.

The green tops never turn red but they're quite edible. They're yummy! Buy some seed. Plant them. They're dark and look almost rotten on the inside, but oh, no. Delicious.

Black Seaman Tomato Sliced


  1. I had a couple cherry tomato plants ... they were done by August.

    Happy blogoversary!



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