Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Week's Favorite Photo

I can't promise (read: resolve) to show a favorite photo every week during 2011, but at least I've got the first one picked out.

Kimono Sweater Clasps

I finished a sweater already this year! It's a replacement for the very first sweater I finished almost four years ago when I began to knit with needles. The pattern is the Kimono Jacket from the book First Knits. Here's a less twee shot of the new sweater:

Kimono Sweater 3d

And the one to be replaced, before it became a huge fuzz ball:

Kimono Cardigan

I'm hoping the second sweater won't pill horribly. It's knit with Cascade Eco Wool, and the first sweater is in something of lesser quality, so perhaps the maturing yarn snob in me has chosen something better this time around.


  1. I hate to mention it, but my Oblique knitted of Eco+ pills a lot. I just have to shave it every few times I wear it. It's so cushy and warm, I don't mind.

  2. I noticed it at church! Forgot to say anything afterward. Love the horizontal lines and the vertical spaced ones---and the closures, of course. Are they new or vintage? Great self-photo of you, BTW.



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