Thursday, June 7, 2012


Remember this pumpkin we adopted from the Louisburg Cider Mill last fall?

Arachnophilia 1

Well, it lived with us inside the house until well after Christmas.  At last it began softening, and we had to escort it to our open-air compost pile in which the pumpkin dissolved like all biodegradable matter should.

Months passed.

Later this spring, a bush of some sort appeared in the compost heap, and I took a picture of it with my camera phone.  I asked my gardener friends what the heck this could be.

Pumpkin Vines 1

"Pumpkin vines, maybe," one of them suggested.  And, behold, a duh moment thundered over yours truly.  I had completely forgotten about the pumpkin we'd left there.

Now, I've never grown pumpkins before because, honestly, I'm not a pumpkin fan.  Not to eat, not to carve.  The pumpkin these vines descended from was just the second one I've taken home during my adulthood.  I didn't do anything with it or to it but set it in my living room as fall decoration, au naturale.

Even so, I was ever so excited when the volunteer vines began blooming.

Pumpkin Blossoms 1

Pumpkin Blossoms 2

Since I took these photos, about three weeks ago, we've had a hail storm.  The leaves on the pumpkin vines survived intact, more or less, but the vines themselves have spread out more.  I don't know if this is just the nature of pumpkin vines or if the storm forced the sprawl.  In either case, we're keeping our eyes on them.  No tiny pumpkins have appeared yet, but I'll post the news here if they do.

Pumpkin Blossoms 3

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  1. Love it! The flowers are beautiful. Have fun watching them.



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