Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tunisian Pax Scarf

I've made a rip-roaring start to this Deep Stash Marathon thing.  It's been fourteen weeks since my last post, the one announcing my marathon aspirations, and I have used up not quite a quarter of a mile of yarn.

Yep.  A .21 mile stretch or 377 yards.  Just call me The Flash.

Yet the project which used such a staggering amount didn't disappoint me, in the end.  Along the way, I met with a setback when I ran out of the deep stash yarn I'd begun with.  The completed Pax Scarf projects in Ravelry mostly indicated I'd have enough yarn in one Ella Rae Lace Merino hank to finish it.  Uh, no.

Not enough Ella Rae

What you're looking at in the photo is the main body of the scarf completed and most of the lace border at the point where I discovered I had about a foot of yarn left in my project bag.  And this scarf was a class I was taking.  Days of work went into the border, and only a few days remained until the next class session for which I was supposed to have the border done.

You know, eventually after shock comes the anger stage, yet I had to speed up the process and skip right to the grumbling since I had so little time to figure out what I was going to do.

I knew I would have to rip out the border, no matter what.  So, I took a breath and did that deed.  Then I went searching for replacement yarn.  Naturally, I didn't have the right color in the right weight already in my stash.  When I scoured the fingering weight section at my local yarn shop, however, I had another moment of shock.  In a good way this time.  Because there, with a multitude of hanks in a glass cubbie, sat a dead ringer for the blue shade that's in the Elle Rae.  I sang hallelujah (yeah, you know, I probably did).


It is Araucania Nuble. I snagged a hank of it and started off again.  Once the border was done, I edged the scarf in the Ella Rae, blocked it, and voila!

Pax Scarf

I think it looks better with the blue Araucania as the lace border than it did with the Ella Rae as the whole thing.

Oh, and I'd like to place a wee review in here about the new blocking wires by Lazadas I used on this project.  They are F l E x I b L e--twisty, curvy, bendy, and they didn't get stuck in those shapes once I was done with them.  The Pax Scarf is actually the second project I blocked with them, and I am a fan.

Pax blocking

Pax blocking close up

I bought the set of three 70"-long and four 35"-long wires, the "Mixed Set."  The set comes with a packet of 30 T-pins.  Oh, and I'm not getting a single perk from plugging these wires, just so you know.  I bought the set outright on Amazon.

I've already started the next project with deep stash yarn.  Hopefully, this one will dispense with way more yardage.  In the meantime, an artsy, parting photograph...

Pax b&w

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