Sunday, June 21, 2015

Travelogue, Kansas City (Area)

When we get the Smart Car serviced in Merriam, we make a day of it, usually on the Kansas side of KC.  Last time, we toured the new Ikea, listening to Christmas standards hyped up with a Latin beat.

This time, a sidewalk sale had broken out in downtown Overland Park, so we spent most of the afternoon at a handful of the shops.

The Snack Shop on Santa Fe makes the best sweet potato fries I've ever had anywhere (sorry #wichitawesome, but it's true).  I didn't know our Ten Thousand Villages in Newton had closed, so at the surviving shop in OP, a bargain cross-body bag was purchased.  Orange extract from Pensey's came home with us for attempts to create THOMY's favorite flavor of cake.  He also snagged clothes for much less than expected.

We took a break from consumerism to wade in a public fountain and gawk at a flower.

Oh, right, and there was an instance of yarn bombing.  A better look:

yarn bomb OP

At the end of the afternoon, pie was savored.

Rhubarb pie

rhubarb pie

On the way home, we encountered a traditional road trip snack, one without the most appetizing of packaging.

And I only ever get to have a Hardees burger on the Turnpike now, which is probably for the best.  Somehow, though, the meaning of life is involved with the waiting for one.

A prettier hint at life's meaning is probably a flower petal for every bug or bug for every flower petal.  Or is that just a political slogan in the entomological world?

Flower close up

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