Monday, December 12, 2016

Deep Stash destashed

Deep Stash Half Marathon 2016 update:

Destashed yardage:  7,768.2
DSHM current yardage total:  8,149.1
DSHM yardage remaining:  14,923.4

If you want to know which yarns I have freed from my Craft Grotto and sent back into the world, read on.  If not, now you have time to read something truly useful.

As you can see above, I have released over 7700 yards of yarn so far during this half marathon.  This is yarn I didn't work into a project.  Sold or given away, it is now out of my house.  I'm glad to say I didn't have to throw any of it into the trash.

I don't have much time left in the year to winnow out more yarn, and I'm sure I will have to give up additional scads to meet the gap to 23,072.5 yards that my projects don't cover.  And I do have projects to write about.  Sweaters, y'all.  A few hats.  A couple pairs of socks.

And then the gap.  Oh, the gap.

So, some lucky soul at the DAV or Goodwill or some knitta friend(s) still will find stringy treasure they may or may not appreciate.

Like how some of this already destashed yarn was tough for me to appreciate, apparently.  Unger Fluffy?  What was I thinking?  I bought it because it was in a bargain bin, unwanted, like a basket of burgundy Persian cats I didn't have the cold heart to turn away.  I never did anything with it, though, or the lonely skein of Paton's Divine that is a cousin to the Tribble.  Both found homes this year, however, and I'm glad to have adopted them to better places.

The lace and the sock yarn were a little tough for me to let go.  I've used Sockotta at least twice before, and I love the colorways, but it's hard on my hands.  So, it left with my blessing.  Misti Alpaca Lace is a joy, but Christmas elbowed me into passing that delight on to another.

I'm not going to list all the departed yarn, complete with individual yardage counts, because I'm trying to preserve some respect for our time, but here they all are in a neat-o keen mosaic.

Honestly, I can't even tell any of this stuff is gone from the Grotto.  I smell another variation of the marathon in the works for next year.

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