Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Nappy Sampler Scarf

So I had this fabulous idea to loom knit a sampler scarf, ostensibly so I could make "swatches" while creating something useful and without having to keep track of all those little squares of practice knitting. It was going to be grand, ingenious, and downright cozy.

But because I'm self-taught (read: learning the hard way), I'm creating something of a monster. It's bumpy, lumpy, and has gobs of mistakes. It's impressive mostly because it's red, but at least it is, indeed, cozy.

You see, I'm working my way up to knitting a sweater whose instructions are written for needle knitting. So I'm using this project to see if I can even do the stitches on a loom, but I haven't quite tackled those stitches yet.

The scarf, made of 4-ply worsted weight, is on a small gauge Infinity Knitting Rake by Decor Accents. The scarf is 30 pegs wide, with about 30 rows per each swatch.

The first several swatches are stitches developed for the knitting loom by others or needle knitting stitches that were super-easy for me to convert to the loom.

Starting from the bottom of the scarf:
  • Lattice Stitch, found on

  • Box Stitch: Row 1--K2, *P2 & K2, repeat from * to end. Row 2--reapeat row 1. Row 3--P2, *K2 & P2, repeating from * to end. Row 4--repeat row 3. Repeat these four rows.

  • E-Wrap Knit stitch (which in needle knitting is called the Twisted Knit Stitch, as I understand it.)

  • Mock Crochet Stitch by Tina Edgar and deomonstrated by Isela Phelps. I knitted only 15 rows of this, but it looks as long as the others.
I'll elaborate on future swatches as they emerge from my loom. In the mean time, enjoy the links above.

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