Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sampler Scarf: 3 More Panels

I've been calling this a zig-zag stitch, but I don't know if it has actually been christened yet. I found it on Zibswolf's knitting blog where it's referred to as Stitch #1.

And then there's a sprial kind of stitch by Patty D which was much discussed and admired on the LoomLovers email group. She created a hat from this stitch, but since I wanted to make a flat panel out of it, I made a chart to keep it all straight in my head...and on the loom. An example of ten stitches from my chart is below. One chart runs the diagonal down from left to right, and the other is the opposite. Just repeat these four rows to keep the diagonal going, whichever one you choose.

Finally comes the Perforated Ribbing Stitch. This one I first saw as needle knitting instructions. But with the help of Isela's videos on YO, P2tog (yarning over and purling 2 together), I was able to figure out how to translate the instructions for loom knitting. This stitch requires a yarn over, purl 3 together, and another yarn over. So I made a pattern sheet for the Perforated Ribbing Stitch itself and the techniques required to create it, in case they're new to anyone else like they were new to me.

I don't have a web camera or video recorder, so demonstrations of any of the stitches I end up translating from needle knitting will probably consist of still images. But if anyone else would like to give it a go on video (Isela??? Anyone? Anyone?), please have fun!


  1. I like that perforated rib, it looks a bit like mini cables with yarn overs at the sides. Love it! I will make a mini-video of it as you hinted :)--is it: YO, k3tog, YO?

  2. Close! It's YO, P3tog, YO. Purl instead of knit, but no doubt there's some pattern out there that asks us to knit 3 together.

  3. hi! saw your post on the kk group. i love that perforated rib too! i'm still WAY beginner, but can't wait to learn to do that one! thanks for all the pics & descriptions~!



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