Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sampler Scarf: Bobble Tip

When it comes to knitting, I get confused visually. The labyrinth of the yarn squiggling and weaving around itself makes my eyes bulge. So when it came time to try out the Bobble Stitch, as demonstrated by Isela Phelps (great guru of loomology) in her Bobble Stitch video, I needed some help.

The process requires you to go back to a knitted stitch that has already come off the loom peg so you can bring it back onto the peg. I just knew that finding this knit stitch would be a nightmare for me if I didn't mark it before it got away from me. Normal knitster mortals probably don't need this kind of help. But I'm not a normal knitster mortal yet. I relied on a stitch marker to make this segment of my scarf move along more easily.

Below are some pictures of how the stitch marker moves through the bobble-making process. If you have any questions, email me or leave a comment. I'll commiserate with you. I'll also try to help however I can.

1. Place a stitch marker on the loop of the peg where the bobble will be. This loop will be the bottom stitch of the bobble.

2. After knitting five stitches on one peg, this is where your stitch marker will be on the back of the work.

3. With my fingers holding the loop that had been on the peg, I place the loop with the stitch marker back on the peg.

4. The loop in my fingers was placed back on the peg, above the loop with the marker. The bobble will be secured once you knit the bottom loop over the top one. Remove the stitch marker first.

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