Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Red Scarf Project 2007

With yarn leftover from my sampler scarf, I have completed my contribution to the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf Project 2007. I found out about the project from the Now Norma Knits blog. You should go see the galleries of other red scarves made for the project. No, really, go now. I can wait.

I was right, huh? The scarves are supposed to be at least five inches wide, but mine is four and a half. It's way taller than I am, though, so I hope the length will make up for its sveltness.

My scarf uses what the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar calls the Eyelet stitch. Of course the stitch is written for knitting needles, but I converted it for the rake loom. I wanted to make a sophisticated looking .pdf of the pattern I concocted for this scarf, but my life is not permitting that right now. So below is a rough version of the pattern. Enjoy!

And, oh! If you are the recipient of the scarf I made and want to give me a shout out, I've got my hearing aids on.

Eyelet Scarf

Loom Used: Decor Accents Infinity Rake Loom, small gauge (only 20 pegs required, so a smaller small gauge loom would be more manageable)

Yarn: Coats and Clark TLC Essentials, Ranch Red. Less than one skein

Notions: knitting tool, crochet hook, row counter, scissors

Abbreviations: K = knit, P = purl, YO = yarn over, K2tog = knit two together, rep = repeat

Skills: Chain cast on, flat knit stitch, purl stitch, yarning over, knitting two together, single crochet bind off. To watch videos on these techniques, please visit

Cast on 20 stitches. (I cast on from right to left.)

Rows 1, 3, 5: Knit

Rows 2, 4, 6: Purl

Row 7: Knit

Row 8: K3, *YO, K2tog, K1; rep from * to last five pegs, YO, K2tog, K3

Row 9: P3, K to the last three pegs, P3

Row 10: Knit

Row 11: P3, K to the last three pegs, P3

Rows 12-431: Rep Rows 8-11 (or 105 more sets of Rows 8-11)

Row 432: Rep Row 8

Row 433: Rep Row 7

Rows 434, 436, 438: Purl

Rows 435, 437, 439: Knit

Bind off with Single Crochet Bind Off

Weave in tails as needed.


  1. I am now starting my red scarf after seeing yours. Beautiful. Happy knittnig

  2. Your Red Knit Scarf for the 2007 Project is fabulous! I love that you converted it for us loomers. I may never get the hang on needle knitting, but on the loom I can see that it's a fabulous project - especially for the Small Guage Wonderloom. Thanks again!



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