Friday, March 30, 2007

A Quilt Named Sue, Take Two

I was working on this quilt when Dad had his first heart attack of last year. It's for one of my second cousins, the younger of two sisters, for her high school graduation. Her older sister got my first Sunbonnet Sue quilt when she graduated a couple years ago.

The Sunbonnet Sue blocks were made by my grandma and her mother-in-law, my great-grandma Mac, sometime during the middle of the twentieth century. Stephanie, the older of the two sisters, got a quilt with the brightly-colored Sues. Melissa gets the pastel Sues. Neither of them really knew Grandma Mac well, and she was such a cool lady, so this'll be a kind of tangible, stand-in memory of her.

Almost a year later, I'm working on the quilt again. My goal is to have it done in time to display at The Quilted Garden show in June, a benefit for Botanica, The Wichita Gardens. I didn't have as much completed as I thought, so I'm hustling. Melissa may get the quilt before she goes off to college.

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