Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm No Fashion Photog

Nor am I a fashion plate, but here is my headless self-portrait while I was wearing my first ever self-knit sweater. Black hides not only many of my flaws but also flaws in the sweater. It's called a Kimono Cardigan, even though there is a slight connection in the knitting for the length of one brief row between the right and left halves of the front. I have to pull the sweater over my head, but ties keep the rest of the front closed. VERY easy. The huge sleeves are kind of a drag...literally, sometimes, but knitting them as part of the front and back panels sure saved me a massive headache in trying to set in the sleeves for my first needle knitting project.

So, flaws and all, I'm happy with my first knitted, non-accessory garment.

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