Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Yarnfall & It WASN'T Their Fault

My Freecycle-like group has come through again. I went to the far side of town Saturday to pick up a HUGE, black trash bag full of yarn. It's mostly acrylic, but very colorul. Take a look. This is most but not all of the booty.

So I blamed poor Picasa for mincing my pictures from the last post into teeny, tiny pixels...when, in truth, it was my doing. I didn't know I was messing them up. But in a previous session with Paint Shop Pro 6--it's not the antiquated version's fault, either--I told the program to save an image extremely condensed. And it remembered the setting. Who knew? Most of the time, programs don't remember things like that; at least not with me.

So here is the link again to the Self-Binding How To. The captions to the photos narrate what's going on.

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