Thursday, May 31, 2007

Comfort Through the Mail

Do you remember how Band-Aids used to come in paper wrappers with a little red string that was supposed to tear through the paper once it was pulled? I usually tugged the string and pulled the whole red length of it out without opening anything.

I thought of this odd, recurrent phenomenon when I was opening a package I'd received in the mail today. It had one of those red rip cord tabs. Unlike my childhood experiences, though, this string sliced through the envelope like butta. And, inside, was something much better than a band-aid. My KansasQuilters email group sent me a slough of quilt blocks to comfort me about my father's death. So, of course, I had to take them to my design wall and play. Here's how I've arranged them so far.

Thank you, my friends at KSQlters!!!! I don't cry easily, but I heard that muffled roar of tears inside my head when I was looking through your work.

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