Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hydroponics & A Kimono

The great thing about Farmers' Market season is the locally grown good stuff: crunchy stuff, leafy stuff, or squishy stuff like tomatoes that don't look like they've been bled by a vampire.

For example, the bowl of tomatoes to our left. It's hydroponics, baby. Yeah. I eat these plump lovelies by themselves. With a little salt. I get to be the vampire. And that's a good thing.

In that, um, vein, I'm knitting in your basic black a kimono jacket by Crystal Palace Yarns. I started it back in February right after I learned how to needle knit, but the seed stitch was bogging me down. Now I can go faster with it. So, I have the first front panel on the stitches holder and am working on the second. Caron's Simply Soft is my yarn of choice on this.

So... I guess I become a veggie snob in the summer but still stick to the petroleum-based yarns to wear next to my skin. Only baby steps and a bigger budget will get me to the finer fibers, I'm afraid. I'll go there when I can.

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