Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And Then There Were Two

I now have two long, black rectangles. Woohoo!

I keep hearing about how excruciatingly boring stockinette stitch is to produce in great quantities. What you see here is a total of 340 rows of stockinette. Each piece is 72 stitches wide. To me, the rhythm is soothing. Which has come in handy over the last couple days since we had to euthanize our "middle child" cat Abigail late Monday night. She was ten, almost eleven. Like I told my KansasQuilters group, she had the smallest cry, the loudest purr, and the roundest eyes of any cat I'd known. She was born with permanent eyeliner; so even though she was a chubby girl, everyone commented on her cuteness.

So, to be completely sappy: I will miss you, Abi-girl. Thanks ever so much for pushing all my magazines off the ottoman, for faithfully telling me when you were done eating, and for keeping my knitting warm. Rosie (the youngest) doesn't know who to tease now, and Gertrude (the Elderly One) has one less cat to grinch at.

Now that I think of it, these are the only two cats I have left from the home I grew up in.


  1. oh, you have my sympathy and complete understanding. I had to let my sweet boy go a few years ago and I still miss him so much, even though he yacked up half of everything he ate, walked across the keyboard and insisted that the sewing machine needle going up and down was a cat toy.
    hugs to you

  2. I'm sorry to read about the loss of Abigail. She was a beautiful cat and I hope the good memories you have of her will help in time to ease the pain of missing her.

  3. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I know too well how difficult that must have been for you. Big hugs.



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