Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'll soak my feet someday in Cafe au Lait

My first Etsy purchase ever came in the mail this afternoon all the way from British Columbia: Trekking Superwash Sock Yarn, handpainted in Cafe au Lait by See Jayne Knit. It calls for sizes 0-3 US needles. Have I ever knitted with anything smaller than a size 6 US needle? Uh-uh. Do I know how to knit a sock? Nope. Do I even wear socks? Not usually, and my youngest niece has noticed the callouses on my feet that prove it. TMI? Sorry.

And yet I bought the 448 yard twist of yarn because I LIKE THE COLOR. And then I bought a book that tells me how to knit socks. And I bought three sock patterns in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. (You know, there was a speaker at my quilt guild who once said buying the pattern of something was just as good as completing the project itself. I haven't signed on to this philosophy wholesale because I can't snuggle under a pattern for a quilt or fit a sock-shaped book around my foot and into my shoes. But there is a certain level of satisfaction in taking the book or pattern to the check-out counter and claiming ownership of the dream.)

So I own the rights to another dream and a few of the elements to make it materialize. Someday.

In other news, and in the spirit of a conversation at the Crazy Aunt Purl blog, my stroke of genius for protecting my needles has backfired. Rosie likes my knitting box.

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