Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Crabbed Age and Youth"

What have I been doing for almost two weeks? Nothing crafty, that's for sure. Oh, except I signed up for an entrelac scarf class, bought some yarn for said class, and visited a new LYS, Twist.

Other than that, I read. And not Harry Potter. No, the big sequel book I have been looking forward to this summer, even more than finding out about the boy wizard's fate, is Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I'm one of the lucky Bellafiles who snagged an early copy. (And I have been very dutifully keeping my mouth shut so as not to rub it in to all the less fortunate fandom out there who'd been left in the dark until today, Eclipse's release day.) Now we can all be happy together.

Eclipse is the third in Stephenie Meyer's Twilgiht series about a romance between a teenage mortal and good guy vampire. Sounds pretty done, huh? Yeah, well, not like she's done it, gentle readers. I don't get worked up about vampire books because they tend to take themselves too seriously, but not Bella and Edward. Anyway, I wrote a review about it. Go look at it if you're curious. (Mine's the one on the bottom. I think I got the first review in. Whaddayaknow.)

In the meantime, since I'm a thirty-something house frau whose all enthralled with a YA novel, I took this little Real Age quiz to see how hopelessly immature I am. Turns out, I'm still in my twenties. Thank heaven on high with a Coleman cooler of lime icy-pops! I wouldn't want to go back all the way to high school. Or college for that matter. I'm so over hauling around book bags and feeling vaguely lost in lit. class. (And caring! I felt lost in algebra, too, but couldn't rouse much anxiety over it.)

Oh, and while we're at it, here's my inner pinup girl. What's yours?

You are Betty Grable

The ulitmate girl next door

You're the perfect girl for most guys

Pretty yet approachable. Beautiful yet real.

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