Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pink Letter Day

Today doesn't quite rank as a red letter day, but it's more than vanilla white. Today is my half-birthday and my 148th wedding mensiversary. I still believe in celebrating half-birthdays and other pink letter days. Today, I will observe these occasions by talking to the overhead door guy who will be installing an insulated 16-foot door on our new garage. And I will celebrate by watching the siding crew nail the skin onto said garage. I might also bake.

Uh, right. I have to psyche myself up to bake like I have to psyche myself up to crank out small talk. This has not always been so (as far the baking goes), but I'm so unenthused about home baked goods that I feel like I'm still recovering from my one day of Christmas cookie and candy making. It's such a shame because I have this awesome Kitchenaid mixer that I lusted after for years. And my recipe cabinet is so full the doors won't close. But I don't care enough lately.

Instead, I will probably wash rag rugs today. That always makes me feel good, oddly enough. I could also mop the bathroom floor, but I get only a slightly greater celebratory rush from baking, so I probably won't mop, either.

When this garage is done, that will be another event to celebrate. I've got so many of them!

In knitting news, I finished a pair of yoga socks that were featured in Loom Knitters Circle ezine. I used the same yarn as for my Kimono pullover cardigan back in March (so, it's not the same as the Kimono Jacket I'm working on now). But that means I've used black yarn again. Shocking, huh?

In quilting news, I've decided to go through my UFOs to determine which ones are the closest to completion. And then I'll, you know, complete them. This means I'll probably set aside the hoochy mama quilt for now. I'm kinda stumped on it, anyway. I know for sure that I've got one quilt top done and marked for quilting, if the markings haven't rubbed off from the dark parts of the top. I just need to baste it next. The top is a larger version of my miniature Lumberjack Butterflies quilt. I actually made the large version first, but got distracted. Imagine that.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I've just finished my first quilt and have a new appreciation for the amount of work and patience that goes into quilting.
    Happy half birthday and welcome to the MWK blog ring.



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