Friday, August 24, 2007

Parts is Parts

My kimono rectangles are now wearable. They're not presentable, as in for public display, just wearable, as in for admiring my perseverance in the mirror. After a false start with the shoulder seams, a disappointing first seam, a successful second seam, and a ripping out of that first seam, I have come to really like the Three Needle Bind Off. (After clicking the link, go all the way to the bottom of the Knitting Help page. And here's a link for the Japanese Three Needle Bind Off.)

To be honest, the first seam was a disappointment not because I did the 3NBO wrong. Nooo. I accidentally purled the last row on one of my front panels instead of knitting it. So I had this "decorative" ridge of purl bumps on the outside of the seam once the panel was bound off. (sigh)

I hate ripping. "Frogging," the kitchy-trendy word for this activity, does not contain enough hard consonant sounds to echo how violently I hate ripping. Especially ripping out knitting. It's a nerve-racking experience, and it took me about two hours to unseam the first shoulder. My flesh-and-blood shoulders needed to be de-knotted afterward.

All is well now, however. I mattress-stitched the side seams, so they're more or less invisible. And I have picked up stitches on the first armhole and have completed five rows of the first sleeve. Now we're cooking with acrylic.

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