Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not so...

Let a ransom note be generated for you, or anything else you'd like to spell in alphabet photos from Flickr. It's cleaner than playing with your soup. I heard about this nifty internet do-dad from How About Orange, one of my favorite sources of nifty internet do-dads.

The other sleeve of the kimono jacket is done. Not sure I'm liking either one, but I'm NOT frogging them. When I modeled the sweater in front of the mirror, I spread out my arms to gauge my work and immediately felt like Morticia Adams. Methinks I should not have picked up so many stitches in the arm holes. Too much drape and drama. So, I'm also thinking about calling this project the Reading Kimono and maybe just wearing it at home... Because, by jinx, I'm going to wear the gosh darn thing somewhere.

So I've moved from the sleeves and on to the placket. It's going quickly enough to feel like progress, and it's a little more interesting to photograph.

Speaking of photography, I can't get over how dark my house is. Very little natural light gets into any of it, so I'm afraid a great deal of my pictures are going to turn out cruddy. (I know, I know. Such strong language today. Let's blame the lack of chocolate around here, shall we?) For great domestication photos, I go here. The blog is by a New Zealander--or new Zealandite? But not "Kiwi", though, right, cuz isn't that perjorative? Or at least a name only NZ countrymen can call each other? sounds so rude to call someone after a hairy fruit. Anyway, she's got a flair for cottage style and, apparently, an abundance of sunlight, even though it's late winter there now.

If a citizen of New Zealand sees this, please correct my vocabulary. I'm so not wordly. ...Other than having this computer. And an old Palm pilot...your standard cell phone and an electronic dictionary/thesaurus. (Which is VERY cool.) And I play with internet do-dads. I'm a psuedo-technogeek, I guess, but not worldly.

So one more of those techno-dohickies today: I'm placing my reading library on Feel free to check it out. Yes, believe it or not, I read. I'm even knitting a kimono in dedication to it. Granted, I read kinda slowly and with a [battery-operated] dictionary at my side (imagine Born Yesterday's Billie Dawn, only I'm the complete opposite of Melanie Griffith in the looks dept. and I've never been to D.C.). On good days, when the sky is clear despite a low pressure system that's threatening to suck in rain from points southwest and so my stereo picks up radio stations from Oklahoma as if a kid is shouting through a tin can telephone, I can even understand Shakespeare.

That's when my house gets the darkest. Because the rain is coming. It's the rain, gang, not my freak comprehension of four hundred year old English high drama. Or maybe it's just that I read that stuff about the time the weather is changing and I don't bother turning on a light as the house sinks into darkness, all because I'm so absorbed in the aforementioned high drama. I just love all that forsoothing, you know. Takes me to the dictionary every time.


  1. Hello! It's true, apart from hairy fruit, another thing New Zealand has in abundance is light. Something to do with being under the ozone hole and living on small islands at the bottom of the world light years away from any land mass.

    As for Kiwis ... you do know it's you guys who've made the confusion don't you? Because a Kiwi is a rare native bird, our national symbol. The fruit's true name is kiwifruit. One word. Only you guys decided to shorten it and there's nuthin we can do about it now. So, feel free to call any of us Kiwis, it's a proud symbol for us even if it makes everyone else snigger behind out backs, and it's a great deal better than being called a hobbit. Who are also hairy.

    End of cultural history lesson.

    And thanks for the link!

  2. Thank you, Megan! There's my "something new" for today.

    I suppose you have to endure the "kiwi"/"kiwifruit" confusion with good humor like most native Kansans have to smile patiently at Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz jokes.

    So, while you have your hobbits; we have our munchkins and the Lollipop Guild.



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