Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pucci Mama Cheater Cards

November has been declared NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), and the challenge has been sent forth for bloggers to post a little something every day during this month.

As tempted as I am to hop off this cliff with other bloggers (many of whom may have a vast amount to contribute to the collective consciousness of online humankind), my participation would add a whole lot of nothing rather than the moderate amount of helpful ramblings I manage to produce now. It would create a higher word count, I guess, but sometimes more is just more. So, I decline the challenge, thank you ever so.

Instead, I offer these two pictures, not even artsy pictures. The first is of my cheater cards for the Lizard Ridge Afghan pattern. I was forever getting lost in the instructions I printed out from, so I typed each step of every row on its own card. (I found the template in Microsoft Word, I believe. Or maybe I just measured the margins of the PaperDirect sheets of perforated business cards. And then I made the margins and columns and rows to match in Word. I can't remember now.)

Pucci Mama Cheater Cards

The second photo is of the finished porch posts. Voila! And just in time; it's getting too cold out now to paint. So, inside the house we go to give the bathroom a little makeover.

Wish me good luck as I try to paint over circa 1950s plastic tile.

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