Sunday, December 2, 2007

Babushka Outfitters

I am slowly acquiring equipment to venture into Babushkaland: Despite lacking three or four decades in my age, I already have the cranky attitude toward parents who apparently don't bother to teach their children respect for others. I sometimes walk with a stoop when I've been silly enough to sit at my computer too long. More often now I carry a bag that is entirely too big for my shoulder, like my mother did as she aged. And now I have a cold-weather head scarf to stuff into my hope chest for those old lady years.

I'll wear it before then, no doubt. Because it looks clever, even though entrelac knitting is actually way super simple: knitting, purling, picking up stitches, SSKing, and P2tog-ing. I learned how to do the last three things at the class in which I began this scarf.

Babushka Entrelac Scarf And, surprisingly, I like the colorway, Natural Crimson, a Patons Soy Wool Stripes yarn. I'm not a "pink" person (not that the pink shows up well in these photos) and the darker transitions of color seemed to land on one side of the scarf most of the time, but I still like its result. I haven't blocked it yet and I don't know if I will. The beginning edge was too tightly cast on. I should have cast on with a larger needle. Or bound off with a smaller one. As they are now, I can't block the bind off side without making it much wider than the cast on side. Maybe I'll just block the cast on side.

Anyway, one more project has moved out of the recliner-side knitting basket. And, yeah. I have that recliner; a standard accoutrement for every babushka in training.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments on my last post. I really appreciated it.
    I love your babushka~ if I had something that gorgeous I would be a babushka in training right along with you! I have bifocals does that count toward the training?



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