Friday, December 7, 2007

Warm Feet Friday

Feeling under the icier weather this week, I knit footwear. Not that footwear in particular makes me feel better (I've never been one to go googly-eyed over shoes). But I've never knitted objet des pieds before and wanted to try. I'm working my way up to REAL socks.

My first pair of baby booties look like a pair of mini Birkenstocks but they are simple to make. The pattern is from the book First Knits.

Pakucho Green Bootees finished

And a pair of Fuzzy Feet, my first-ever pair of sock-like socks. I messed up the heel flap, knitting only half the rows called for. I discovered my mistake before I got to the second sock but had to repeat the goof on it so it'd appear similar. This unfelted pair is going to the Soaring Eagles Project where she will felt them to third-grader size. She's woefully low on socks/slippers. But since these took me two solid days to make, I think this will be my only contribution this year.

Soaring Eagles Fuzzy Feet

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