Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fuzzy Feet Finished

And I got to alliterate. A bonus.

Xmas 2007 Fuzzy Feet before & after
Before and After

Xmas 2007 Fuzzy Feet, felted
The artsy shot.

A few details about the slippers...

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino
Needles: US 10 (which is what the Redux instructions calls for), 30" circular needles since I used the Magic Loop Method. Click the link to watch the KnitWitch's video on how to work with the Magic Loop.
Cast On: Knitted On, which gave it a more elastic edge. Good thing, too. I might not have gotten my feet inside them, post-felted.
Felting time: 14 minutes. I checked them after 5, 5, 4 minutes and didn't put them back in when they were the right length.

Also, I got a super gift from a sly Santa. A sewing keeper. Thank you to a thoughtful KansasQuilter, whomever you are!

Sewing Keeper

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