Sunday, January 20, 2008

WOW yarns

Cobblestone Sweater Yarn

The Cobblestone Sweater yarn came in the mail last week. It's di.Ve' Zenith, and it's divine. Webs says it's great for children's garments, but why stop there? I haven't run across very many smooth, soft yarns that come in a wider variety of colors than precious pastels. Knitting this into garter fabric is knitting it into a delicate sponge. Spa yarn. And it's wool!

The garter stitch band of Cobblestone:
Cobblestone Sweater bottom band

And my collection of Lizard Ridge blocks so far:
Lizard Ridge blocks halfway

Noro Kureyon is not spa yarn. It's rough, sometimes scrawny, sometimes slubby, but it blazes color. Carnival yarn.

Can you believe? These are my only knitting WIPs (Works in Progress). No UFOs.

Ah, but that's because all my UFOs are quilt-related. I need to make a list. It'll be a couple dozen projects strong, methinks.


  1. Come take a look at my blog. I have a shawl up that I am working on my Serenity loom.

  2. It is worsted weight "I Love This Yarn"



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