Sunday, January 13, 2008

Butt Weight: there's more

The bathroom scales is such a holy patch of floor space around here that we step on it barefoot. But when it doesn't present us with what we want, the other morning rite of condemning it and last night's lasagna and our other noshing is also faithfully observed.

Curses. Foiled again:

Rocky Road Cake
Rocky Road Chocolate Cake

Acres of Cake
Acres of Cake

The recipe is from Simple & Delicious magazine. It really is food of the gods. But since they can't eat, it's mine.


In other news that is the color brown, I finished my favorite pair of fingerless mitts thus far.

Medallion Mitts

Pattern: Medallion Mitts from Michael del Vecchio's book Knitting With Balls: ...Knitting for the Modern Man
Yarn: Plymouth Encore DK, color # 1444 (brown)
Pattern Deviations:

  • 12 rows of K2 P2 ribbing for cuff, rather than twisted rib.

  • 4 rows of same ribbing near fingers to prevent the edge from curling.

  • I tried on the mitt periodically during the knitting to determine the correct lengths between cuff and thumb, thumb and top, so I didn’t really follow the pattern’s measurements.

  • To cast off “loosely” I used a size US 10/6 mm needle in my right hand.

  • The thumb I cast off with size US 7 DPN, because that’s what I had.

  • Oh! And I knit the body with the Magic Loop method, but knit the thumb with DPNs.

I keep trying to find the perfect pair of mitts to use for typing in the wee hours of another heatless and sleepless morning. The purple pair of Fetching gloves were too bulky, but I think the DK weight of yarn in this pair was the trick. I've finished my quest.


I've got two big projects ahead of me this year. Three, if I count the refurbishment and sale of my Dad's house. I'm going to begin quilting my Lumberjack Butterflies quilt, and I'm going to proceed into the Sweater for My Sweetheart phase of my knitting life. I told him 1. No set in sleeves, 2. No Aran designs, 3. I have to like the color, too, if it's going to be running through my fingers for months if not weeks. So, he choose the Cobblestone Sweater in Di.Ve' Zenith merino, navy.

Besides trying to walk at least two miles each week day, this is the extent of my new year's goals. So far.

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  1. Holey COW!!
    THe photos of that cake make me swoon..quick someone catch me!



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