Friday, March 21, 2008

A bit o' the Good Friday to you

So many red-letter days crammed into the same week this year--St. Pat's, first day of spring, Spring Break (for local school systems), Holy Week leading to Easter, Purim, and then my wedding anniversary is next week. Wow. And I feel like I've just been chasing my tail and missing it all.

Oh, and then there's a full moon tonight. Like a white cherry on top.

And I finished Christine and Albert this week, too. Sent them off yesterday to my niece and nephew for an Easter surprise present. (A surprise unless they read my blog, which I so doubt.)

Christine & Albert 2

Albert, the blue bunny with green belly, looks a little smug, don't you think? But he loooves his big sister Christine. She tolerates it.

I thought racing stripes on the ears are a suitable detail for rabbits. Maybe not rabbits without legs...

So, if you do Ravelry, details for these bunnies are here. If you don't do Ravelry, then here are a few specs:

  • Pattern: Rabbit from the book First Knits by Kate Haxell and Luise Roberts
  • Yarn: Caront Simply Soft Brites, blue, green, purple (This was a small stash-buster.)
  • Needles: US 8, I think.
  • Alterations to the pattern: Added stripes to the ears. For Christine's ears (the first set I made), I misunderstood the pattern and thought I was knitting them from the bottom up, so I added the stripes early and ended up with a set of squared-off ears, rather than the rounded pair the pattern actually produces. Like on Albert, the blue bunny.

Blocking acrylic is something else. It *does* work, mostly. I held the steam iron a couple inches from the wrong side of the pieces as they were pinned down. The trick is to hold it over long enough to get the yarn hot, but not too hot to the touch. Still, after all was unpinned, slight curlage remained at the very edges. The pieces were no longer unruly, though, and that helped tremendously with my seaming. Which I'm still awkward at.

To all who cherish the reason to be grateful for Good Friday, may it be a blessed one for you. And in anticipation of Sunday: He is risen. He is risen, indeed.


  1. He is risen indeed! But my avatar is still sitting...

  2. was just going to say (after reading your blog) that i'm excited that i'm connected to you somehow even though i couldn't figure out who you were...but then i saw 2reasons on here and it's all coming together! Yay!



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