Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin'

I am so not in the mood for April Fool's Day. I'm in the mood for chocolate chip scones, cocoa (cuz it's still chilly here), a book and/or free wi-fi, and uninterrupted time away from the money pit that is my dad's house.

Good thing I've got a line on places with those amenities. Just in time for my vacation next week.

I'm not leaving on vacation next week, mind you, but I am going on vacation. With my books and chocolate and maybe some knitting. No miles of highway or hotel rooms, and certainly no airplanes. No foolin' around with all that. I'm skipping to the punch and zoning out on home turf.

At a coffee shop. As long as it has cocoa or tea, too, cuz I can't stand coffee.

Ironic, huh?

For your viewing pleasure is a little something that makes me smile involuntarily.

Pink Hyacinth

Proof that spring is trying to take a toe hold.

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