Sunday, April 6, 2008

Zipper phobia and a mystery flower

On Face Your Fear Friday, I did. I am knitting my first pair of non-Fuzzy Feet socks and wanted a bag in which to tote my progress. I'm just a little tired of shapeless, drawstring bags and had seen a box bag like this one that I thought would be ideal. I would buy one,, no can do with the House-of-DIY-to-sell still hanging over my head.

Then I saw Drago[knit]fly's tutorial on Box Bags. Oh joy!

Oh. Crap. A zipper.

I've never sewn a zipper before. They're so mysterious to me, gliding open or closed like the parting of the Red Sea, and nestled into their garment like they'd evolved there. I've only seen the likes of Nancy Zieman or Sandra Betzina (sewing goddesses) accomplish marvels with a zipper foot. No one in Real Life. Ignorance is not bliss, my friends. Barely capable of creating button holes, I have been stuck in an Antebellum lack of continuous closures for hand made clothing and sundry accessories.

Poor me.

Oh well. Mine is just a multi-hundred dollar sewing machine, right? So what if I break it on a zipper tooth in my pursuit of learning new skills. Like breaking machines. I gotta have me a new bag.

So Friday I made this:

One Spicy Box Bag

Inside the Box Bag Box Bag in use

I had to rip out the zipper only once, and I never broke a needle. I was so happy with myself I was on the verge of smugdom.

But then we began clearing out my Dad's garage on Saturday. Ugh. It took five hours to plow through the first third of the "neat stuff." We even sorted items into the Mission Organization categories of KEEP, TOSS, and GIVE AWAY. We're keeping considerably less than we're tossing or giving away.

But I'm not sure it made the task easier. I had a minor meltdown going through all the wires, metal bits, and automotive leftovers I didn't understand. I felt guilty about my ignorance and the unshakable certainty that I'm getting rid of something he would have told me is super important and valuable. But, what can I do? The task needs to be done and I can no longer wait for others in-the-know to find time to mill about the garage and finger grimy do-daws they just set down again after they murmur "interesting". This tells me nothing.

(Actually, my conscience is stricken here because no one has really been so callous. There are several who have milled about the garage and given labels to things, filling in my spotty grease monkey education. For that, I am unbelievably grateful. In spite of this help, however, much remains "interesting" but Unknown. And I don't have time anymore to elicit more help.)

So, much of the "interesting" stuff is getting hauled off one way or another. To the dump, DAV (second hand shop), or scrap yard. And if I hear something like, "Oh, I can't believe you got rid of that!" after it's all said and done, I swear I'm a-gonna... I'd say bite his head off, but my dentist tells me I actually have a small mouth. At that I had to laugh. Is that not a hoot?

Anyway, during the long and winding road that was yesterday afternoon, I was made to smile several times in spite of my blue funk when I caught a whiff of the blooming hyacinths.

Pink hyacinths in bloom

Pink and blue hyacinths

They're right next to the garage, and they're adorable. They're just a couple clumps of them, but the fragrance is nearly intoxicating.

On the other side of the front walk, next to the driveway, is a meager little sprouting of tiny blue flowers.

Mystery Spring Flowers

Does anyone know what they are? You can click on the photo to go to a larger version of it. Each bloom is probably no bigger around than the end of a pencil eraser.

Here's the deal. If you are the first person to accurately name this itty bitty ground cover, there's something in it for you. (This opportunity is your reward for making it to the end of this vainglorious entry.) I don't know yet what that "something" is. But, leave a comment with your answer and please include whether you are a quilter or knitter. And, if you're a knitter, whether you use predominately needles or a loom. Oh, and I have to be able to contact you in return. So, please be sure I can track you back through your blog or include your email address in the comment form.

Who knows what I'll send. Maybe something with a gratuitous zipper.


  1. Not a clue on the mystery flower, but we have one too. It's growing out of the little crack between the base of the back door frame and the concrete stoop, and I kept meaning to yank it out, and then it bloomed. No! No, don't do that, little weed, super-cute little flowers are cheating!

    It's still there.

  2. Cleaning out that garage was so much fun -- we should do it again a couple more times! (On the bright side, at least we didn't have people pointing television cameras at us and making clever puns as we worked...)

  3. They wouldn't dare. We had angle iron for weapons.

  4. I don't know my plants well enough -- everything that size looks like violets or violas to me! -- but I loooove the smell of hyacinth. I'm envious of your bounty :)

  5. Had to look that plant up, since I was curious as well. Saw that awhile back at the park. Don't think I deserve a prize since I didn't know it off-hand, but I think it's speedwell in flower.

    Am enjoying your blog! You're very craftily talented!

  6. About the sorting in the garage....don't worry about what people say because from my personal experience, they're going to say it anyway instead of offering to help. Isn't that the way it always is? You do what you have to do and hang in there.

  7. Your flower is a Persian Speedwell. I have them growing all over my lawn and I love them. Even if it is a humble weed, the color is pretty enough for me to leave them alone until they go to seed.
    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

  8. such a cool zipper bag. Love the shape. I totally have zipper phobia!



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